Fortress Estate Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisor firm, was established in 2005 to provide a wide array of investment advisory services related to Financial, Retirement, Charitable and Estate Planning, as well as active portfolio management for private clients, individuals and businesses.

Our mission is to bring peace and joy to the financial lives of our clients in the most ethical and straightforward way possible. We do this by aiming to produce the highest rate of return on their investments within the client's risk profile and creating a financial plan to guide them to long term prosperity and the ability to leave a legacy for their charities, churches, communities and heirs.

When it comes to meeting your financial needs -- the way we see it -- it's either working or it's not.

Why Fortress?

A Higher Level of Service

Today's investors nearing retirement have already had decades of exposure to investing in low to mediocre return mutual funds and high cost variable annuities on their own. This is what most advisors offer, and they are absolutely not worth the commissions and fees they charge.

At Fortress, we have found that what clients really value most is what we potentially provide: someone who can manage a custom portfolio of 20 to 40 top performing, diversified equities for them, which potentially may result in high returns above the S&P 500 index for clients, and with low transaction costs.

Listening, Not Fast Talking

The vast majority of advisors today talk too fast, have a canned spiel and canned answers for all of the prospect's concerns and objections. They are too busy attending a large number of new prospect meetings every week to meet their sales numbers.

Yet we at Fortress have found people want just the opposite. Richard Jordan wants to take his time to understand you and educate you. He is going to invest his time and listen closely to you, to get to know your personal situation and unique goals, and you won't be viewed as just another number.

Freedom from Conflict of Interest

The vast majority of registered investment advisor representatives that claim to be fiduciaries are in a conflict of interest position working for a broker dealer. Beware if you are asked to sign a "Best Interest Case Exemption", as that is not as high a responsibility to the client as the fiduciary standard is.

Yet Richard Jordan is one of the rare few that are truly an independent fiduciary. Richard chose to be a fiduciary 15 years ago, because his heart has always been to follow the golden rule in life. And if he ever has a conflict of interest, he will say so upfront, just like your attorney will.

Fiduciary Standard

We are going to let you in on an industry secret.

The odds are that you and the majority of the investors reading this for the first time have their investments and retirement money being directed by someone with an obvious conflict of interest.

The ordinary broker and/or insurance salesperson is motivated by their company's compensation plan to focus on their own commissions first and the customer's net returns second. These salespeople who are masquerading as objective financial advisors, are only required to offer suitable investments and insurance products, which is the lowest minimum client responsibility in financial services. These salespeople typically sort suitable products and investment offerings daily by the highest commission rates, and the stockbroker or salesperson will then recommend (sell) first the highest commissioned products to customers.

Fiduciary is the same standard your CPA and attorney is held to. The industry secret is that 93% of the Registered Investment Advisors (who claim to be fiduciaries) have an obvious conflict of interest by being simultaneously employed by a broker-dealer or being owned by a broker-dealer corporation.

Fortress is one of only 7% of the Registered Investment Advisors who are not employed by a broker- dealer, nor is Fortress owned by a broker-dealer corporation. We act as an independent fiduciary and a Registered Investment Advisor only, and hence do not collect commissions on the sale of investments.

You can rest assured that with us you'll be getting totally transparent, unbiased, and conflict free advice that is all about your best interests and successful achievement of your financial and legacy goals.